UPDATE 9/4/15 I am several chapters into the fifth Lilac Grove mystery and have posted the first chapter of a new series taking place in Algiers.  Check out Auf Wiedersehen Herr Schmidt.

UPDATE 8/21/15  Finished the complete first draft of the fourth mystery.  

UPDATE 7/20/15 Just finished up two very short pieces of fiction started during the summer Marathon/Retreat, “1905” and “The Crossroads of a Bizarre Bazaar,” both posted in short stories.  Let me know what you think.  

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UPDATE 7/7/15 For some reason my short stories all saved as word pad docs and were awful.  I corrected them.  I don’t know how that happened.  I am into the later part of the third part of four of the latest mystery.  Give it a read and let me know what you think.  What Thought They of Death?

UPDATE 6/19/15 Manuscript is with a potential publisher and I have spent the last three days organizing the first three books.  I don’t want anyone or any place to change appearances without my knowing about it.  I continue to make minor changes but will definitely have to get static when something is published.  Mystery 4 moves along.

UPDATE 6/16/15 I am officially a pedestrian.  Anna Mae went to NPR last week.  Got another agent rejection, but she gave me some really good advice and I followed it.  I will update the writing samples posted here soon.  Mystery 4 is moving along as well.

LILAC GROVE MYSTERY #4 tentatively titled What Thought They of Death? has taken me by the throat.  I should have known better than to court the devil by putting in print that I was going to do something other than write.  I have posted the first part of the first part.  If you haven’t read any of the others, I’d really appreciate a comment as I know these people really well now and perhaps am missing something crucial.

NEWS  I have begun a second Welcome page so that you don’t have to scroll through all my jabbering to find something.  I’ve been seriously at this writing business for over two years now and have completed five novels.  By serious I mean that when I am not working for someone else (which has been for most of this time) I write or edit for six to eight hours nearly every day.  I am bold facing the contents of paragraphs so you can more easily find what you might be looking for.  Of course I would like to have you read and comment on everything, but I know how busy everyone is.

NOVELS I have just finished another edit of the first three novels in my Lilac Grove Mysteries With Histories series.   I have read each of them at least a dozen times or more, and they are books I would pick up at the library. They are very different from the first novel, Deconstructing Tara, which I believe was, for the most part,  channeled. Likewise, they are different from The Lives and Death of Taya DuChamps, which is also a book I would pick up at the library, though it is really not a mystery, more an adventure. The first part of each novel is posted here, When Lilacs Last Bloomed on the Lake, Midst the Campfires’ Fitful Flames and All Shrouded in Thick Sprinkled Bunting.  The referenced Walt Whitman quotes are posted on the appropriate link.

PUBLICATION  I am now actively investigating publication–in various formats.  I have a vision of these that includes maps, the various font changes and graphics, none of which seem to be very useful if published on Amazon as a Kindle. However, I am a writer and I am flexible.  I just want readers.

ACCESS I will get all these in PDF format soon and that will probably be easier to read.  In the meantime, I have book stubs and a PDF formatted Tara. and I can send you any of the others as a rich text attachment.

REVIEWS On my website, I will accept constructive criticism as I am probably my own most critical reader, however, if you would be so kind as to review Tara on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble, please say nice things.  It’s unfortunate, but most people now must have someone else like or recommend a read before they will check it out on their own.

COMMUNICATION Unless book four grabs me by the throat, I intend to find a method of publication before I jump into that with all four feet.  However, I will make regular updates on jeanneswords.com and I will send out regular emails to my contacts list.  If you wish to be included or deleted please let me know and I will comply.

TIP JAR As always, most writers are pretty poor and I am no exception.  I won’t go into the gory details, but my last paying job was an absolute disaster and my car just lost fourth gear so until I either find another part time job close or sell some books, I am living on Social Security. Thus, if you are flush, like what you read, and would like to support my writing habit, tips are very much appreciated.  Just click on the paypal link on the first welcome page.  It takes you right there.