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why I write

This George Orwell’s take and I think I fit in all four categories.  I don’t think that humility is a virtue of a writer.

I have been writing ever since I can remember, but it wasn’t until I was in graduate school (in my 50’s) that I decided what I really wanted to BE is a writer.  I didn’t want to teach, I wanted to write.  Guess what?  Yeah, I’m teaching, but I retired early (without benefits) so that I could write full time.  So I’m teaching adjunct now, when I can get it and writing every day, some days a lot.  Some days not so much, but every day.

Last summer I completed my first novel Deconstructing Tara, inspired by (and nearly channeled from) a friend I knew a number of years ago.  It is finished.  I have revised and edited and revised and edited and cut a lot out, but it is still a long novel.  I want to publish it.  It deserves publication.  It’s a good story and well-written.  I can say that because I read A LOT and I read other people’s unpublished writings and I have an idea of what good writing is.

As all of you know who are trying to publish, it’s a madhouse out there and everyone who is making decisions about what to publish is the age my grandchildren would be if I had any, and they’re looking for the next vampire trilogy.  I know a number of people who have self-published and I believe in today’s market, that may be the way to go for some writings.  I used to make a living in advertising, so I feel that I can market a published book.  The problem is that I have no money.  I only owe money.  I can’t work full time and write.  The usual artist’s conundrum!

So, I am posting samples of the first novel, my second novel, The Lives and Death of Taya DuChamps  (on its third re-write, nearly ready to go) and both published and unpublished shorter works like stories and essays in the hopes that readers are entertained by my work and would like to invest in publication.  I don’t know what I can give you in return, signed copies of future works perhaps, but I am grateful for and will acknowledge all assistance.  Possibly in the future I will be able to pay my bills (including an incredible educational debt) and be able to give any of my own excess funds to other worthy causes.

I will continue to write and provide samples of my work and links to others’ works that I find worthwhile and I am hoping that this space becomes a dialogue where readers and writers can share their opinions and writings.

Except for taking care of two dogs and three old cats, and feeding wild birds, this is what I do.


Again, I will appreciate any and all donations for publishing and will acknowledge same.

lilacs - Copy
In case you haven’t noticed elsewhere, I have completed the second novel and I really like it.  I am now into the third, one of a series of mysteries I started years ago, but this one is set later, like now and I am having a lot of fun with it.  It’s called When Lilacs Last Bloomed On The Lake and is one of a series I’m calling the Broke ‘N’ Bored mysteries involving a Viet Nam vet/ex-forest ranger/owner of a pool hall and his cousin, a wildlife/camping writer.  This one is set on Lake Erie and involves the Underground Railroad, the War of 1812, Lily Dale, Indian Casinos and the ghost of Great Aunt Iris, among other things.  I’ll post the first installment as soon as I have it cleaned up.Until then, the dogs have decided I’ve gone back to calling them Not Now and Later and the Scrabble Computer thinks I’m having an affair.I’ll keep you posted.Jeanne

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