I decided to start a page of actual memoir.  Although all of my writings have a hint of memoir, this page will be stories that happened to me to the best of my memory.  At some point I’ll insert actual photographs of me, friends and family in here, but right now they’re all in an old trunk and I’m in the middle of writing a mystery.


In The Shadow of Dracula’s Grave 

Circa about 1958.  I’d love to have an actual picture of that grave.  Maybe when I go up to Lily Dale, I’ll stop by Bradford and see if it’s still there.

This story was published once.


This Girl Who Is Me

Circa 1966.  Those really were the days, in spite of what Archie Bunker might have said.  Anyone who has some pictures of those times and wants to add them, please send them along.

This story has been published twice, once in this anthology:



A Tale of Three Trucks 

I’ve got a picture of Jim’s truck somewhere, but this one looks a lot like it.  I’ll put up the pictures of Willie Dee I and II also at some point.  I found several grammatical errors, but wanted to post it because I love the story.  I’ll fix those later.  Let me know what you think.

Remembering Mary

4 thoughts on “Memoir”

    1. Yeah, it’s like it used to be. I’m doing a writing marathon in the Quarter this next week. Get together with a bunch of people, mostly English teachers and we eat and drink and write our way around the Quarter. It’s the best fund I’ve ever had.

      I’ll get you a copy of Deconstructing Tara when it’s printed. It will be on Kindle as well, but you can’t sign kindle.

      Love you.

  1. How do I pay you to get a personalized signed copy of “Deconstructing Tara”? I’m excited!! 🙂 and I love you too!

    1. I’m sorry if I’ve replied to this twice. Anyway, I will send you a signed copy for Christmas. In the meantime, if you want to read the whole thing, let me know and I’ll send you a link. Sorry that it has taken me so long to reply. I have to figure out how to get the site to notify me when I have a message.

      Love you,

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