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NOTE:  You may just have to log into your paypal account and pay me at Haven’t quite gotten the paypal button straightened out yet.  If you don’t have a paypal account email me and we’ll work something out.

Usually you have to wait for someone to die to have this opportunity, but as I’m not planning to kick the bucket any time soon, I am offering signed and numbered copies of my first Lilac Grove mystery manuscript to be considered a collectible. You can read the first part here.

I have shopped around for the best copy prices I can find within a reasonable distance from me. The package includes 324 pages of black and white text and 2 pages of color including the cover art and biography page in a three-ring binder shipped Priority Mail from Algiers, Louisiana. Each order will be prepared individually.

While I am primarily interested in getting readers and making a few bucks to take care of my critters’ medicinal needs, this is a rare opportunity to be able to read an entire manuscript pre-publication and to have a signed possible collectible. It is a one in sixty-six in the world kind of gift. The complete cost is $70,00, which includes the printing costs, binder, sales tax and Priority Mail shipping costs as well as about $20 for me. If you are located outside of the US, please email me for shipping costs.

My lucky number is 22 and as I am now in the crone stage of life, there will be only 66 of these available. I promise. #1 is a gift for my friend Maury who has taken the time to read and comment on the manuscript, something any writer cherishes. As those of you who know me are aware, I sold limited edition art prints for years and other collectibles on eBay and know that the fewer there are of anything, the more valuable. I am not doing this as a cottage industry but as a way to get readers to help me in finding a publisher so you can rest assured that when those 66 are gone there will be no more.

You can order by sending me an email with your address and inscription to and paying through the paypal donation link on the web site; just reference “Lilacs.”  Only the button that is below the list of where you can purchase the first novel seems to work.  Otherwise, my paypal account is

Special note: I need a day turnover for printing and the last day USPS can guarantee priority mail for Christmas is to ship on Saturday, the 20th, thus if you want this for a Christmas gift, I must have the order no later than the 18th.

My first novel, Deconstructing Tara was self-published and is available from the dealers listed on the welcome page. The second novel, The Lives and Death of Taya DuChamps is still being considered by a publisher (at least I haven’t gotten a rejection yet).   The third novel and first mystery, When Lilacs Last Bloomed on the Lake is ready to be pitched but I got involved with the next one, Midst the Campfires’ Fitful Flames and haven’t done any promoting yet. Flames is on a final edit and the third mystery, tentatively titled Shrouded in Thick Sprinkled Bunting is begun. These are entertaining mysteries that I am convinced I can get published. I have a total of eight in mind.



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