Short Stories

I’ll post the short stories I have written and published here.  Would appreciate comment.  I’m working on a couple of collections, the first to be called Stories That Might Have Been Told.  Let me know what you think.

This Girl Who Is Me

This is actually part of my future memoir and was published in an anthology this past year, The Times They Were A Changing and in the same issue of The Pick as “In The Shadow of Dracula’s Grave.”  It absolutely did happen.

I need to point out that many of my short stories border on memoir.

In The Shadow of Dracula’s Grave (2)

I want to add here that an earlier version of this was published in the Southeastern Louisiana University’s literary magazine, The Pick last summer.

Redemption for Sale

This one hasn’t been published yet though it is a strong candidate for inclusion in my collection.  I’ve seen a lot of this.

Old Friends

This was originally written at a writing institute session.  I’ve re-written it a number of times.  It hasn’t been published yet, except perhaps in one of our anthologies, but it says something about the characters that I’m not sure could be said any other way.

No More Roses

This is not at all biographical, but a character study inspired by two people who I observed.

Not Too Late

This was written during a Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project marathon and says something about writing.


I love this story.  As with many of my writings it started as a free write on a SLWP writing marathon.  I do some of my best writing in cemeteries and if I remember correctly this one was started because the Covington, LA Cemetery had a plaque that said something about a moratorium on new graves.  I’ll have to do a collection of cemetery stories some time.


Started this at Cafe Rose Nicaud on Frenchman Street.  Mostly a character sketch set into a time frame.

The Crossroads of a Bizarre Bazaar

This one was started in Molly’s.  Sat near the back and just noticed “Bizarre Bazaar” printed on a sign.



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    1. Meant to reply sooner. I’m dancing as fast as I can here. Submitting Taya today as got a lead from Writer’s Digest and Wednesday is usually my lucky day. Uncork Rose’s oil and pull a card for me.

      PS I’m on twitter but haven’t done much with it yet. what a pain in the butt!

  1. I just read “In the Shadows of Dracula’s Grave” and what a synchronicity as I’m pretty sure I had a ghost in our house last night! …I also read the Covington inspired story, “A Riddle in Anne Arundel County.” It sounds like there is more to come. You might want to consider putting the following chapters on Amazon Kindle or even WattPad to get more visibility, as a lot of their readers love continuing stories.

    1. Second time to write this as I didn’t read the instructions. Thanks for the comments. I’ll get on looking at Amazon and WattPad later today. Just have a lot to do, as I’m sure you’re aware. Are you signed up with Elance?


      1. Hi Jeanne, yes, I’m signed up with Elance but I have my visibility turned off right now because I don’t have time for them right now with my current job. I now have a good many samples of my writing on my own blog so I don’t really need them as a place to hang my portfolio.

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