In an effort to clean up my writings and to gather material for a collection of essays (probably related to indigenous peoples and/or the earth) I am posting here.

Some of these were written and/or presented at a conference several years ago when I was in college and some have been written since, most at SLWP (Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project) events.

I would appreciate your comments and if you want me to post your relevant essay here, email me at or post here.



Found this after a weekend of contemplating earthquakes and fracking and checking the morning news to see horrendous photos of people starving due to drought.  Isn’t anyone listening?

Got a new Poets and Writers and was looking for my notes for the new novel, a mystery entitled When Lilacs Last Bloomed on the Lake, and ran across this essay I wrote for a class several years ago.  I can’t believe how very pertinent it still is.  It was before MLA got rid of underlining and replaced it with italics for books, but I am including the Works Cited not to show how much I’ve read but because I hope that anyone reading this is encouraged to read the original works.




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