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I am going to be publishing reviews here because I think it is important that writers get feedback.





little Brother Little Brother by Cory Doctorow




My sister takes free courses on line all the time and Little Brother by Cory Doctorow was one of her recent assignment reads.  I got it out of the library because I’d read most of the other assignment readings for the course.  I started it today and I have to say it is great.  Recommended by Neil Gaiman.  Fast read and true to the spirit of George Orwell.


PS  Internet was out this weekend so I finished the book.  I would highly recommend it to anyone and if given the opportunity would definitely teach it along with 1984.  What a long way we have come to end up in the same place.  This is Young Adult reading for everyone.

SisBabs-3DCVR-1024x878Sister Barbara by Barbara Barett (Not her real name)

I had the distinct pleasure this Faulkner Fest to meet and spend time with a delightful writer who has recently self-published her novel Sister Barbara and is working on a sequel.

I read a lot and I like novels for a couple of reasons: 1) characters 2) plot and 3) writing.  I can take any amount of bad writing if the characters and plot are engaging.  Likewise, I can forgive some not so good characterization and plots if the writing is exceptional.

Barbara’s book has really funny and sympathetic characters (even the antagonists) and although the plot is a little evasive, it is a fun ride.  It is very entertaining, especially if you are a woman who has at one time been cheated on.  There’s a little excess is explaining how Barbara gets her “powers” but this is a first novel.  I recently finished one.  I edited out well over 100 pages and I’m sure there is still excess.  I would certainly recommend this book, especially if you are going through a break up and looking for revenge.  Barbara has some very clever ideas about that.

And, as writers, we should support one another.  I didn’t have to buy this book as Barbara gave me one, personalized.  Yeah! But it’s a great escapist read and would be good beachfront reading.

You can find Barbara at www.Sister-Barbara-book.com


A dirty job

I previously read Moore’s The Stupidist Angel and it was funny, but this is pure escapist bizarro fun.  His mind is extraordinarily twisted but he makes some pretty good points.  I read a lot, but he still fooled me a time or two.  Good way to spend a dreary rainy day, though I read it in the sun.

150px-RiversofWarGreat historical fiction about the War of 1812.  This writer has a wonderful imagination and the characters, John Ross, Major Ridge, Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson become real people.  Not a fast read, but very engaging.

beyond the riverBeyond the River by Ann Hagedorn

I always do a massive amount of research on whatever I’m writing and one of the components of When Lilacs Last Bloomed on the Lake is the Underground Railroad.  This was published in 2002 and is based on extensive primary as well as secondary sources.  I got my copy used on Amazon and it was well worth it.

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